Arbitrage Betting FAQ – All your questions answered! 

This quick document which is called the ultimate arbitrage frequently asked questions and these are every single one of the questions you may have about Betslayer and arbitrage betting in general the most frequently answered questions and I think it will help a lot if you’re new to this so what is sports arbitrage betting? So arbitrage betting is also known as matched betting 2.0 or arbing there’s a process where gamblers take advantage of the variation and odds offered by different bookmakers in order to make a profit regardless of the outcome in the event, this is because we find odds are so far apart and we cover all outcomes and it doesn’t matter what happens because we place a specific stake we make a profit. Is it similar to matched betting? yes arbitrage betting is also known as matched betting 2.0, the difference is instead of using the free bet offers to make this guaranteed profit we use natural variation odds between bookmakers, many matched betters turn to arbitrage betting after they’ve done all the free sign up offers which are sort of going away now because bookmakers are losing a lot of money on matched betting so this is actually far easier because you don’t need to place a qualifying bet all you need to do is just place the bet and then you know set-and-forget you’ve got a risk-free profit anywhere from 5-10% ROI on your investment. Is it legal? It’s 100% legal we’re simply exploiting price differences in the market effectively buying and selling bets as a trader does there’s nothing illegal about it it’s yeah it’s all good.

Won’t bookmakers ban me if they know I’m arbitrage betting? The short answer is no running a bookmaker today is very competitive and the bookies are forced to compete with other people on the market if they do not compete they will not live very long online we do in our training do things just to keep things under the radar so you know the bookies don’t even know what you’re doing but you know most of them are pretty ok with it and the ones that are not you you fellow a couple of common-sense typer rules and then you’ll keep your accounts open for years and years. Why isn’t everyone doing it? Until now the existing tools have been very difficult to use and poor quality they’ve all been not good enough for the time sensitive nature of arbitrage because an arbitrage bets sometimes can only be around for five minutes or so and so that’s why lots of people aren’t doing and lots of people don’t even know it exists really I mean it’s not being covered that much in the press. How much do you need to get started? we recommend at least £250 it’s like any sort of investment, the more you have to invest the easier because then you never miss out on arbitrage opportunities because you have money in all your bookmaker accounts, obviously after a bet settled you would withdraw some and load up the account using Skrill which is very very quick we recommend £50 in five bookmakers that’s £250, obviously if you have free signup offers that’s even better because then you do the matched bet to add to your account but you also get the arb so you boost the free bet by you know 5-10% and you also get that as a free bet – so it’s like doubly good that’s why it’s like matched betting on steroids, we say don’t bet on arbs over 10% ROI why?

Anything over 10% could be a palpable error which is basically when a bookie makes a mistake pricing their odds, so for example they mix the home-and-away odds which then shows a maybe 25% Arb and then when you place it they notice and they may limit your account so don’t do that. How do I place an arb quickly and effectively? You should place both bookmaker Windows next to each other navigate to both both bets and check the odds are the same and then just click both and then you get guaranteed profits How long do Arbs usually last for? some a few minutes some a few hours some a few days it really, we refresh our software very quickly so you never need to worry about it but yeah sometimes they’re quite sensitive because obviously odds change a bit.