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The Best New Mobile Slots Released January 2017

Hereis a whole new batch of slots straight from the developers. Everyone is competing to see who can bring us the freshest and most innovative slots to grab our attention this January. So without further ado, let’s take a look at which developers are coming out swinging and setting the scene for what lies ahead in 2017.

As always, you can find links to all the casinos and games mentioned in this video in the description below. Quickspin’s Phoenix Sun out now, quick spin have taken up the challenge of providing innovation during 2017, starting off with an incredible first entry in the form of Phoenix Sun (read reviews on this slot at Mycasinoindex). Phoenix Sun is an expanding slot where players can enjoy from a 5 by 3, real slot with 243 ways to win all the way up to a five by five real slot with 7776 ways to win how it works is simple. The eunuch son starts out with only half of its slot face active every time you spin a wild symbol. You’Ll unlock a further three grids on the slot face.

Every wild symbol also brings the bonus free, spins round one step closer in total. It takes just five wild symbols to be spun in order to unlock the entire slot face, as well as the bonus round. The wilds are incredibly powerful in this game. Each one expands, the number of pay lines gets you close to unlocking that eight free spin bonus round and also grants a free respawn in the base game for every wild landed. If you want an innovative slot to kick off the new year, then you can find Phoenix Sun from the start of January over at Leo Vegas casino micro gaming life of riches. How now micro, gaming’s first release of the year takes the form of life of riches which is available to play from the very start of January.

The slot is a very traditional Microgaming affair, launching with 30 pay lines and a single bonus round in the form of a free spins bonus by spinning three scatter symbols. Players can unlock a bonus round that comes with nine free spins and a standard multiplier of two times. However, players can win up to a four times multiplier during the free spins round. If they manage to reach rigor it life of riches is available on all platforms.

From the end of December, and can be found at mr green casino from day one of launch, Microgaming Huang die the Yellow Emperor early January (read reviews on this slot here). My crew gaming is impressing in January with two releases worthy of this list. Huang die, the Yellow Emperor is a far better example of micro, gaming’s desire to innovate, Huang die. The Yellow Emperor is a 25 pay line, slot that’s releasing in the first week of January and sees players showered in big wins and wild simple features. The first notable features are stacked and expanding wilds, which can occur randomly during the face game.

The bonus round in haing-dai the Yellow Emperor, takes the form of a free spins bonus round. The 15 free spins offer the opportunity to win up to 60,000 coins during the bonus feature. Every single wild symbol – that’s landed during the free spins round is expanding, which gives you even more of a chance to win big cash on this micro gaming slot a specific release date for clang die, the Yellow Emperor hasn’t been announced, but we recommend checking this one Out at micro gaming, casinos, like guts casino, on release day. As always, we hope you found our roundup of the best lots of the month useful.

The year is starting off well, and we only expect great things from the slot world, as 2017 continues onward. If you found any of the games mentioned interesting, then head into the description below for the links to play them and we’ll be seeing you again in February for our next slots of the month. Roundup, thanks for watching

Arbitrage Betting FAQ – All your questions answered! 

This quick document which is called the ultimate arbitrage frequently asked questions and these are every single one of the questions you may have about Betslayer and arbitrage betting in general the most frequently answered questions and I think it will help a lot if you’re new to this so what is sports arbitrage betting? So arbitrage betting is also known as matched betting 2.0 or arbing there’s a process where gamblers take advantage of the variation and odds offered by different bookmakers in order to make a profit regardless of the outcome in the event, this is because we find odds are so far apart and we cover all outcomes and it doesn’t matter what happens because we place a specific stake we make a profit. Is it similar to matched betting? yes arbitrage betting is also known as matched betting 2.0, the difference is instead of using the free bet offers to make this guaranteed profit we use natural variation odds between bookmakers, many matched betters turn to arbitrage betting after they’ve done all the free sign up offers which are sort of going away now because bookmakers are losing a lot of money on matched betting so this is actually far easier because you don’t need to place a qualifying bet all you need to do is just place the bet and then you know set-and-forget you’ve got a risk-free profit anywhere from 5-10% ROI on your investment. Is it legal? It’s 100% legal we’re simply exploiting price differences in the market effectively buying and selling bets as a trader does there’s nothing illegal about it it’s yeah it’s all good.

Won’t bookmakers ban me if they know I’m arbitrage betting? The short answer is no running a bookmaker today is very competitive and the bookies are forced to compete with other people on the market if they do not compete they will not live very long online we do in our training do things just to keep things under the radar so you know the bookies don’t even know what you’re doing but you know most of them are pretty ok with it and the ones that are not you you fellow a couple of common-sense typer rules and then you’ll keep your accounts open for years and years. Why isn’t everyone doing it? Until now the existing tools have been very difficult to use and poor quality they’ve all been not good enough for the time sensitive nature of arbitrage because an arbitrage bets sometimes can only be around for five minutes or so and so that’s why lots of people aren’t doing and lots of people don’t even know it exists really I mean it’s not being covered that much in the press. How much do you need to get started? we recommend at least £250 it’s like any sort of investment, the more you have to invest the easier because then you never miss out on arbitrage opportunities because you have money in all your bookmaker accounts, obviously after a bet settled you would withdraw some and load up the account using Skrill which is very very quick we recommend £50 in five bookmakers that’s £250, obviously if you have free signup offers that’s even better because then you do the matched bet to add to your account but you also get the arb so you boost the free bet by you know 5-10% and you also get that as a free bet – so it’s like doubly good that’s why it’s like matched betting on steroids, we say don’t bet on arbs over 10% ROI why?

Anything over 10% could be a palpable error which is basically when a bookie makes a mistake pricing their odds, so for example they mix the home-and-away odds which then shows a maybe 25% Arb and then when you place it they notice and they may limit your account so don’t do that. How do I place an arb quickly and effectively? You should place both bookmaker Windows next to each other navigate to both both bets and check the odds are the same and then just click both and then you get guaranteed profits How long do Arbs usually last for? some a few minutes some a few hours some a few days it really, we refresh our software very quickly so you never need to worry about it but yeah sometimes they’re quite sensitive because obviously odds change a bit.

Make Bets To Win Money

Here are five general guidelines to betting on Super Bowl props successfully:

1 Focus on Props That Align With Your Goals. If your goal is to build your bankroll, then you’ll want to invest with discipline and focus on the props with the most expected value For you, the Super Bowl is just another game, except there are more props to sort through You are focused less on prop type and more on prop valuation.  But if your goal is to have fun, then you’ll probably want to invest a small amount in lots of longshots across a variety of bets For instance … If you think Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein is going to boot at least a few long, clutch field goals in a close, low-scoring game, then you could bet on him to win the Super Bowl MVP award at +8000 If you think the color of the liquid poured on the game-winning coach might be purple, you can bet that at +1000 If you think Patriots running back Sony Michel could have a big game, you can bet on him at +194 odds to get at least 120 yards rushing If you think it’s likely that Christina Aguilera will sing on “Moves Like Jagger” with Maroon 5, then you can bet +225 that she’ll make an appearance during the halftime show With lots of bets, you’ll be invested in the entire spectacle, and if a few of the longshots hit then you could end the evening with a nice profit

  1. Don’t Overextend Your Bankroll. It’s easy to think of this one game as an entire weekend of football, and it’s tempting to bet larger sums than you normally would because the Super Bowl is your last opportunity for months to bet on the sport, but keep in mind that this is just one game Whatever percentage of your bankroll you’d be comfortable investing on props for one game during the regular season is probably the percentage you should use for the Super Bowl Plus maybe a little more. Because it’s the Super Bowl and because there are more props available But don’t overextend yourself on Super Bowl props. It’s just one game. Anything can happen Get Your Super Bowl 53 Prop Up in a Las Vegas SportsbookRead now
  2. Be Aware of Correlation During the regular season, you can play lots of player props throughout a typical week, because you’re investing across 13-16 games Most of your props will be uncorrelated. If you’re on the wrong side of one of them, that doesn’t mean you’ll be wrong on the others But, again, the Super Bowl is just one game. So many of the player, team and game props are correlated, even if they don’t seem correlated Let’s say that you bet the over on a whole bunch of Pats passing and receiving player props because you think that quarterback Tom Brady is going to have a massive performance You might be right, but you also might be wrong, and if Brady has a bad game, the under will hit on not only many of his props but also on those for his receivers I’m not saying that you shouldn’t invest in player props because of correlation concerns I’m saying that you should be aware of correlation and either maneuver around it or leverage it in a way that aligns with your goals Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Tom Brady. If you’re trying to build your bankroll, you’ll be cautious when it comes to correlation You’ll look to diversify your action across all different types of props that offer an edge, especially the exotic props that have nothing to do with the action on the field If you’re looking to have some fun with the props, maybe you’ll actually want to make correlated bets so that you can have a bigger payoff if you’re right about how the game will unfold.
  3. Shop Around at Various Sportsbooks. Even if you’re betting on props just for fun, you still want to get the best line possible. Why limit your winning upside by betting a prop at +130 on one book when it’s +150 elsewhere? You can use the FantasyLabs Props Tool to help you find the books that offer the most value on player props In case you don’t know, our Props Tool is power by the projections created by Sean Koerner, the Director of Predictive Analytics for The Action Network He’s been one of the best creator of projections in the industry for the past half decade In the Props Tool, we grade each prop on a 1-10 scale. Since Week 1, the props with a bet quality of at least eight have a 57 9% win rate. With Koerner’s projections and the FantasyLabs Props Tool, you’ve got a good chance to make sharp bets at market-best odds.
  4. Think Probabilistically & Pay Attention to Juice. Think about every prop in terms of probability Once you have a sense of how likely something is to occur, you can compare those odds to the implied odds of the prop To discover the implied probability of a prop is simple. For negative odds, remove the minus sign and then divide the number by itself plus 100 in the denominator Example: -149 –> 149/(149+100) –> 149/249 –> 59.8% For positive odds, divide 100 by the number plus 100 in the denominator Example: +114 –> 100/(114+100) –> 100/224 –> 44.6%  At one book, Tom Brady has a passing yardage prop of 301 5, with -149 odds for the over and +114 for the under.  To bet the over, you should think that Brady will have more than 301 5 yards more than 59.8% of the time. To bet the under, you should think that he will have fewer than 301 5 yards more than 44.6% of the time.  If you think a prop has implied odds that are too low, you can use The Action Network Expected Value Calculator to see how beneficial the bet is The EV Calculator can help you prioritize the bets to make if you have a number of props you’re choosing between In the Brady passing yardage example, you’ll notice that 59.8% and 44.6% don’t add up to 100% Those percentage points above 100% — that’s where the books make their money.

How To Make Bets

It’s time to make some prop bets. In case you don’t know what a prop bet is, let’s consult The Action Network glossary of sports betting terms Prop Bet – A bet on something other than the outcome of a game. Common prop bets include an over/under on points scored, passing yards or strikeouts by an individual player Basically, a prop is a game-specific bet on anything other than the spread, moneyline on casinos accepting paypal or total Props for Regular Season Games  For the typical regular season game, most sportsbooks release lots of props related to individual player performance Tom Brady over/under 285.5 passing yards James Harden over/under 29.5 points scored Clayton Kershaw over/under 7 5 strikeouts Alex Ovechkin over/under 3.5 shots on goal  You get the idea. The most common prop is just an over/under for a specific player and an everyday statistic you can find in the box score There are also props for games and teams. Patriots-Rams over/under 4.0 sacks combined Rams over/under 1 5 field goals made Will there be a safety? Yes/no  At FantasyLabs (part of The Action Network), we provide tools that can help you see which player props offer the most value NFL Props Tool NBA Props Tool MLB Props Tool NHL Props Tool Super Bowl Prop Bets  For the Super Bowl, bookmakers get creative and release many more props For instance, the Westgate Las Vegas Sportsbook has released hundreds of player props for Super Bowl.

Many sportsbooks also post hundreds of game and team props unlike those usually posted during the regular season First play of game: Pass play vs. run play Patriots first score: Touchdown vs. field goal/safety Rams players with receptions: Over/under 7 5  And on top of all of this, there are hundreds of exotic Super Bowl props that have nothing to do with the game itself National anthem: over/under 1:43 Will a performer fall down during the halftime show? Yes/no Will Tony Romo’s tie be one solid color? Yes/no. I love to bet props: I bet on props every day To me, as a prop bettor, the Super Bowl might as well be my birthday. As the saying goes, it’s my Super Bowl