How To Make Bets

It’s time to make some prop bets. In case you don’t know what a prop bet is, let’s consult The Action Network glossary of sports betting terms Prop Bet – A bet on something other than the outcome of a game. Common prop bets include an over/under on points scored, passing yards or strikeouts by an individual player Basically, a prop is a game-specific bet on anything other than the spread, moneyline on casinos accepting paypal or total Props for Regular Season Games  For the typical regular season game, most sportsbooks release lots of props related to individual player performance Tom Brady over/under 285.5 passing yards James Harden over/under 29.5 points scored Clayton Kershaw over/under 7 5 strikeouts Alex Ovechkin over/under 3.5 shots on goal  You get the idea. The most common prop is just an over/under for a specific player and an everyday statistic you can find in the box score There are also props for games and teams. Patriots-Rams over/under 4.0 sacks combined Rams over/under 1 5 field goals made Will there be a safety? Yes/no  At FantasyLabs (part of The Action Network), we provide tools that can help you see which player props offer the most value NFL Props Tool NBA Props Tool MLB Props Tool NHL Props Tool Super Bowl Prop Bets  For the Super Bowl, bookmakers get creative and release many more props For instance, the Westgate Las Vegas Sportsbook has released hundreds of player props for Super Bowl.

Many sportsbooks also post hundreds of game and team props unlike those usually posted during the regular season First play of game: Pass play vs. run play Patriots first score: Touchdown vs. field goal/safety Rams players with receptions: Over/under 7 5  And on top of all of this, there are hundreds of exotic Super Bowl props that have nothing to do with the game itself National anthem: over/under 1:43 Will a performer fall down during the halftime show? Yes/no Will Tony Romo’s tie be one solid color? Yes/no. I love to bet props: I bet on props every day To me, as a prop bettor, the Super Bowl might as well be my birthday. As the saying goes, it’s my Super Bowl