The Best New Mobile Slots Released January 2017

Hereis a whole new batch of slots straight from the developers. Everyone is competing to see who can bring us the freshest and most innovative slots to grab our attention this January. So without further ado, let’s take a look at which developers are coming out swinging and setting the scene for what lies ahead in 2017.

As always, you can find links to all the casinos and games mentioned in this video in the description below. Quickspin’s Phoenix Sun out now, quick spin have taken up the challenge of providing innovation during 2017, starting off with an incredible first entry in the form of Phoenix Sun (read reviews on this slot at Mycasinoindex). Phoenix Sun is an expanding slot where players can enjoy from a 5 by 3, real slot with 243 ways to win all the way up to a five by five real slot with 7776 ways to win how it works is simple. The eunuch son starts out with only half of its slot face active every time you spin a wild symbol. You’Ll unlock a further three grids on the slot face.

Every wild symbol also brings the bonus free, spins round one step closer in total. It takes just five wild symbols to be spun in order to unlock the entire slot face, as well as the bonus round. The wilds are incredibly powerful in this game. Each one expands, the number of pay lines gets you close to unlocking that eight free spin bonus round and also grants a free respawn in the base game for every wild landed. If you want an innovative slot to kick off the new year, then you can find Phoenix Sun from the start of January over at Leo Vegas casino micro gaming life of riches. How now micro, gaming’s first release of the year takes the form of life of riches which is available to play from the very start of January.

The slot is a very traditional Microgaming affair, launching with 30 pay lines and a single bonus round in the form of a free spins bonus by spinning three scatter symbols. Players can unlock a bonus round that comes with nine free spins and a standard multiplier of two times. However, players can win up to a four times multiplier during the free spins round. If they manage to reach rigor it life of riches is available on all platforms.

From the end of December, and can be found at mr green casino from day one of launch, Microgaming Huang die the Yellow Emperor early January (read reviews on this slot here). My crew gaming is impressing in January with two releases worthy of this list. Huang die, the Yellow Emperor is a far better example of micro, gaming’s desire to innovate, Huang die. The Yellow Emperor is a 25 pay line, slot that’s releasing in the first week of January and sees players showered in big wins and wild simple features. The first notable features are stacked and expanding wilds, which can occur randomly during the face game.

The bonus round in haing-dai the Yellow Emperor, takes the form of a free spins bonus round. The 15 free spins offer the opportunity to win up to 60,000 coins during the bonus feature. Every single wild symbol – that’s landed during the free spins round is expanding, which gives you even more of a chance to win big cash on this micro gaming slot a specific release date for clang die, the Yellow Emperor hasn’t been announced, but we recommend checking this one Out at micro gaming, casinos, like guts casino, on release day. As always, we hope you found our roundup of the best lots of the month useful.

The year is starting off well, and we only expect great things from the slot world, as 2017 continues onward. If you found any of the games mentioned interesting, then head into the description below for the links to play them and we’ll be seeing you again in February for our next slots of the month. Roundup, thanks for watching