The World Series Of Poker $1,500 Event

Poker tournament selection, much like life, is all about decisions. One decision could lead you down the correct path. While another decision could Spiral you out of control into Bustoville today, There’s a $ 700 Planet Hollywood day.

One see that might overlay There’s a 1500 at the World Series of Poker, There’s a 400 at the wind and a 1600 at the Venetian Out of all these choices. My friends have advised me to play a 1500 due to the overflow of contestants from the 1k double-stack and, Of course, the seniors event. Hopefully, most of them are still in town firing this 1500 chasing that prestigious World Series of Poker bracelet that if you’re lucky enough to win it’s a Faux pas or gauche to even wear in public. Oh the irony!

So, let’s hopefully pick up a lot of dead money. Bagged and tagged is 1,500 at the World Series. Today, freeze-out no reentry’s, Let’s get it Lucho – could use a few Browns pants points With Blinds at 75, 150 25 under the gun. Limps, I’m under the gun, plus one with pocket aces. I love pocket aces, So I make it 550 action folds around to the limper. Hopefully, he’s going for the old limp raise, but I have all the Aces so he’d, probably is it he puts in the call flop comes seven six six Started the hand with 6,000 chips.

He doesn’t respect my preflop raise in fact he leads out four thousand. We have no choice but to go all-in. If he’s got us beat He’s got his beat We’re all in. He calls and he shows pocket. Eights turned his attend and The river is a deuce. We double up twelve thousand ships.

I Was assured, I think you boys, are own son way up high, No yeah. Yes, I swear I could find on break. I’M like eh come on sit down with me for a few minutes. If two good friends are three handedly they’re, probably not gon na go as hard each other as The blinds at 150, 300 I’ve got moved to a new table and I haven’t played one hand for 45 minutes. I’M under the gun, plus one with pocket eights make it 700 big stack calls in the cutoff and European male age 30 subs all in for 6300 Action. Folds back to us in our 12 K stack And I shove all in original caller folds and we’re up against pocket.

Jacks flop comes nine. Five deuce Turn is a six put the rivers a queen and we’re now at six thousand chips With wines at 150, 300. With a 50 ante, I looked down at Ace King of Spades under the gun Raised it up to 700 Under the gun, plus one calls her heads up to a flaunt. The flop comes ten seven deuce one spade I bet 800. He thinks for a minute and min raises to 1600. Sometimes you just got a man up and go for it.

I shove all in for 7,000, any snap bucks. We had all the back doors and cold equity. We got him 11,000 on dinner, break With blinds at 200 400 with a 50 ante, I’m in a middle position with pocket threes and 11,000 ships Make it 1,000 action folds to the small blind who has 30 thousand ships Four-year-old Caucasian male u.s Origin makes it’s 2,700. The three is a great hand to shove, all in with, in this Situation, with the stack sizes and the higher frequency three bet from the small blind, But I think we can find a better spot.

So we fold pocket threes, two or three bet The blinds at 200, 400 under the gun, plus one European male 25 to 30 years old, makes it 1,000 volts to a pro that grinds the mopped or he makes it 2500. I’M in the small blind with Queen Jack of Clubs and 11,000 chips Stack size is pretty good for a cold for bet. Jam Suited Broadway’s play well in all in confrontations, But I think someone has it so we fold with blinds at two hundred four hundred to the fifty aunty European male under the gun plus two opens to 900 action folds to a Polish German 25 year old male On the button who makes it 2500, I’m in the small blind with ten eight of Spades and ten thousand ships, Another prime spot for a cold four ball – Think about it. For about twenty seconds and I put in the fold, Hands do go to showdown Original RAZR head pocket kings, but of course the board ran out eight eight six, six, ten, What he got the full double, Oh well with blinds at two hundred four hundred under the Gun recreational player Lynch under the gun plus to Euro rigged with some sort of patch on blimps Good play around the button.

Limps I’m in the small blind with ace Jack, offsuit. Fifteen thousand five hundred ships to start the hand, So I make it two thousand big blindfolds limper folds over limping euro with a patch Shoves, all in 14300 chips, action, folds back to me. I have him covered by about a thousand chips And I think about what type of hands he would over limp back raised in this situation. It could definitely look like I’m raising wheat to attack all the lumpers from the small blind, So he doesn’t have to have a premium hand to do this and Bri steal my steal. So further narrow is value range I think he’s going to raise and under the Gunn limper with a skiing ace, queen big pairs, so that only leaves hands like small pairs that would over limp, try to flop a set and Then once they see my raise, they Don’T want to just call and miss a flop.

They’D rather use the fold equity and get it in pre with all of his pairs, say deuces through tens. So in tournaments you got to win casino. You got to build chips, You could even have a suited. Ace. Ace five through ace deuce suited these all play well in all in situations. So a man up and put in the call ace Jack offsuit.

He shows Ace King off suit. Nice trap. Nice trap Pretty unorthodox line paid off for him perfectly, but the good news is there’s still five cards to come. Flop comes ten seven three, The turn is an eight and the rivers of four. We double him up and lose a 30k pot.

We now have about 1200 chips Shortly after we get in King, Queen of Spades versus the same guys, pocket aces Flop a queen, but it’s not enough, and we are out of the World Series of Poker $ 1500 freeze-out, It’s about 9 o’clock at night. After a long day of play Time to go home and play with my dogs, but thanks for watching Make sure you hit the subscribe and alerts button And give me a thumbs up. If you like, the content of the video, Not the results, I’m gon na lose tournaments 99 % of the time so don’t thumbs down.

Just because I lose, I understand, See you guys next time.